periodontal disease

One of the most common oral health problems that Americans face is some form of gum disease or bone loss, also known as ‘periodontal’ disease. This includes issues like gingivitis and periodontitis, which left untreated, can cause serious problems for your oral health down the road. Periodontal disease affects the gums, causing them to loosen and cause teeth to loosen as well. It can also cause excessive bleeding when brushing your teeth. One of the best ways to prevent the onset of periodontal disease it to brush and floss regularly in addition to regular cleaning appointments with a hygienist. Regular cleanings are still the best way to keep periodontal disease form spreading and causing more damage.

Gum disease can be serious but it can also be treated and reversed. If you think you might be showing signs of gum disease, feel free to set up an appointment with the staff at Avid Dental Lindenhurst and we will be glad to restore your oral health with care.

signs of periodontal disease

  • Loose teeth

  • Swollen gums

  • Bright pink gums

  • Gum recession

  • Excessive bleeding

  • Bad breath



We are here to restore your oral health and bring back your confidence in your beautiful smile. Call our office or send us an email if you have any questions about periodontal disease or of you would like to schedule a cleaning.

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