Dental Implants Lindenhurst | Dental Implants or Dentures?

key differences between dental implants and dentures

If you are missing some teeth and are considering how you should replace them, you certainly have some options. Avid Dental provides quality dental implants Lindenhurst procedures to replace one tooth, or a full set to restore your smile! But you may also think dentures could be the way to go. To help you decide, here are some key differences between dental implants and dentures!

Dental implants are permanent and cannot be removed

How are Dental Implants Different from Dentures?

Dental Implants are Fixed, Not Removable

Dentures are removable devices. This makes then convenient in some ways, most notably for cleaning. However, because dentures aren’t fixed, they tend to shift in your mouth when the adhesive wears down. This is where dental implants are different.

Implants are fixed prosthetics, which means they are surgically placed, and then bonded to your jawbone. Not only won’t they move, but you can treat them like normal teeth. There are no food restrictions, and you would brush and floss as you normally would.

Dental Implants Can Be Single-Tooth and Multi-Tooth Restorations

If you have just one tooth, or several to replace, dental implants are a truly versatile option. While dentures can only replace a full set of teeth, implants can be single-tooth or multi-tooth restorations. Dental implants are also covered with dental crowns that are custom-shaped to fit inside your mouth, with the rest of your teeth.

Dental Implants are Often More Comfortable than Dentures

Because dental implants and their dental crowns are made custom, they will fit more naturally. After you’re able to adjust, they should feel just like your original teeth! Dentures require you to apply a special adhesive on a daily basis, and as we explained earlier, they are more likely to shift, possibly causing gum irritation and discomfort.

How to get dental implants lindenhurst?

Do You Need Dental Implants in Lindenhurst?

Are you interested in getting dental implants to replace a missing tooth? Our dental implants Lindenhurst services can help! We specialize in quality implant dentistry here at Avid Dental. Contact us today to get started!